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Delivering fun, friendly and accessible fitness training

We found that by listening to the people of Redhill and Reigate area, there was an opportunity for something different.

Gyms could sometimes feel intimidating and for some people the gym was a difficult place to start a fitness journey. Those that did get to the gym often felt it was too overcrowded and that they could not get on the machines they wanted. The lack of accountability and stress of the gym made it all too easy for them to give up.

Furthermore, some people looked at personal training as an option. However, they found that personal training was expensive and although a fantastic investment, they could not justify the expense.

Yellow Brick Training was formed to provide an alternative training journey. 


Our vision at Yellow Brick Fitness is to guide you on your journey of health, wellness and happiness. We will guide your actions as they are your most powerful tool. We will help you create NEW results for which you learn to take on NEW behaviours. We create for you NEW ‘beliefs’ and new ways of THINKING. Your behaviour will change, and you will build a strong confident MINDSET.
We will also walk this journey together with likeminded people sharing the same goals and aspirations. We want new friendships to be formed. Help and encouragement will guide members along the way to help stay on the journey they have started. We can create accountability for each member.
As well as fitness sessions we meet up for social events, which include summer barbeques, nights out, family fun days, charity events and many more things going on.

The Team

Yellow Brick Fitness was founded from two personal trainers with a goal to deliver fun and friendly, accessible fitness and healthy lifestyle advice to their local community. Between them both they have many years of experience in personal training a diverse range of clients, with a variety of different fitness and lifestyle goals.

Chris Howell

Over 15 years in the Health and Fitness Industry
Experience in gym management and business ownership
Supported hundreds of people in reaching their goals
Personal trainer to professional athletes and teams
Travelled worldwide with clients
Chris Howell is a Personal Trainer that has grown his client base due to achieving results and therefore receiving recommendations and repeat business. Chris provides outstanding training with proven results and is always evolving his training methods through experience and on-going training. He is on a mission to help people live healthier lifestyles that they can monitor and sustain.
Chris’s objective is to help clients feel healthier, happier, more energised and develop in confidence to face the challenges life throws at us. A family man with three children and a dog. He is a friendly, hard working and committed person.

Jonah Walsh

Over 8 years in fitness training
5 years a coaching Judo
Judo athlete to European level
Personal trainer to professional athletes
Condition coach
Jonah’s main philosophy when it comes to personal training is that everybody has totally different needs and limitations. Therefore, Jonah enjoys creating bespoke training plans to ensure clients feel comfortable with the training, yet reach and exceeds their goals. Jonah feels it is very important to have a good time while clients are training and he will be by your side to encourage you and help you to achieve your goals.
Jonah has competed as a Judo player at European level and has trained alongside some of the best athletes in the world. He would now love to use his knowledge to bring you on his Yellow Brick journey.



Wednesdays & Saturdays
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Redhill Memorial Park
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